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6 years ago

The Purpose of Groovy Script

First of all, apologies for the rookie question. However, after reading countless posts to familiarise myself with the program, I'm left with a lingering question: Is Groovy Script used to create tes...
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    6 years ago
    Doesn't matter if it is groovy or some other language.

    Hope you might know why any software programme is used, which helps to either minimize or no manual intervention of any process flow.

    When it comes to SoapUI tool, there can be certain places where some data needs to be extracted from some test step response or insert some data as input to a test step request automatically in order to smoothly execute the test without any human intervention. That's when a programming language or scripting is needed. And this tool supports Groovy which is dynamic jvm language apart from Java scripting.

    Does it help?