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6 years ago

TestRunner report : how to configure detailed reporting


I have a testCase that uses DataSource to run n-times the same testCase with different parameters.

This works fine but, when I print the testResults report, I get 1 line with PASS or FAILED.

Is there any way to configure reporting so I can get the information that, for example, it failed at the xth iteration ?


thank you



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    I think this is a difficult one because as you said the testrunner only tells if a step is failed or not no matter how many times it is run.

    Why do you need this report? Is it only for debugging or do you want it permanently on your test?
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      Well, mostly for debugging, but I add log informations as well so at the end I can find the information, but it takes more time ... 


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        Even I am facing this problem. I have a test suite that uses data from excel and runs on a loop. I don't get to know from the TestRunner report, which iteration failed.

        Can someone please help here .


        Thanks in Advance !

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    Thanks for reaching out, krogold!


    Community, has anyone faced a similar task? Can anyone assist Alexandre please?