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7 months ago

TestEngine external JAR files - error - unable to resolve class

Background - We have test engine hosted on some linux server and we execute tests suing CURL cmd or POSTMAN.


Given some external JARs

When we add external JARs in /bin/ext folder of test engine server and re-start the test engine

And run the tests using curl command from locally or using POSTMAN

Then it throws error for groovy script test step saying unable to resolve class <className present in external JARs> on import statement itself.


We have also configured .vmoptions of test engine server to read ext JARs but still it throws error.


Locally, In ReadyAPI, we are placing those JARs in /bin/ext/ folder and it works perfectly fine.


Any solution to this problem?

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  • Hello sasarode123 


    I have never had good outcomes by following documentation to add external jar files to:

      {smartbear install location}/bin/ext folder


    As long as there are no conflicting jar versions, I just go straight to including external jar files to:

      {smartbear install location}/lib folder


    If you only have a few (1 to 15 maybe) external jar files, this should not be a problem.  It gets a lot riskier (meaning, you have the potential to no longer make the application operate) if you have a lot of external jar files or conflicts with existing jar files.  You might have to trial and error a little bit however.  I use the date/time stamp as a quide to see what external jar files I might have added because those are usually different than the similarly dated files for the original install.  If you make the application (ReadyAPI or TestEngine) no longer operate, then remove the jars you added to /lib folder.  I have used that folder for years with success.