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2 years ago

Testengine CLI: execute tags with the 'at least one' conjunction

Hi community


We are using Testengine (Docker) and calling it via Testengine CLI. There is currently a - more or less good documented - limitation, that Testengine applies a given list of tags only on test cases/ suites where 'All' tags are matching, unlike ReadyAPI itself, where you can choose to show/ execute 'All tags' (and-conjunction) and 'At least one tag' (or-conjunction). 


- we tag our testcases with 'Smoke' or 'Regression' or 'Smoke, Regression'

- we use data loops, based on Excelfiles inside a testcase, where a row can have the same tags described above

- while executing a loop we check the tags of the testcase against the tags of the current row (via groovy) and execute or skip the loop accordingly

This is working fine in ReadyAPI, cause we can give the desired tag(s) and choose between the desired conjunction. E.g. if we select 'Smoke' and 'At least one tag', all 'Smoke' tagged rows in all 'Smoke' tagged testcases getting executed. This seems impossible to achiev for the same test-project while using Testengine.


We already opend a smartbear feature request, but it would be good to have a intermediate solution in the meantime (..without duplicating the testcases and giving the different tags..). Maybe you have an idea!?

We already figured out, that Testengine is not receiving the list of tags e.g. as globalVariable during calls with Testengine CLI (proposed solution below don't applies here). To get the list of given tags inside the project somewhere on script level would be the first helpful thing, we beleave.


Thanks for reading and contributing

Greetz from Germany/ Frankfurt


ps: the described problem seems also to be valid for calls from commandLine: Execution using Tags - How to trigger multiple tag... - SmartBear Community 

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