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3 years ago

TestEngine & Pre-encoded endpoints ReadyAPI 's preferences



I have implemented ReadyApi's test run with our integration tests Azure DevOps, I can run the tests in the pipeline without any issues...

I just have a small issue with our tests, for this to work I need to set up preferences in ReadyApi to run HttpRequest.

The Pre-encoded endpoints box needs to be checked.

Are these preferences that can be set on TestEngine as these preferences do not depend on the ReadyApi XML files in our project?




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  • kitaitoa 

    Those ReadyAPI preferences are stored in the the readyapi-settings.xml file in the \.readyapi folder.
    You can copy that readyapi-settings file in to the  \.readyapi folder on your TestEngine installation machine/VM. Those preferences should be available then on the TestEngine installation.

    Please try this and see if it that solves your issue
  • Hi MConneely ,


    Our server was created with docker and is used by different teams, so it is not possible to change the settings, which could have an impact on the different projects run with testEngine.

    Is it possible to set the parameters just before running the pipeline task ?