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17 years ago

TestCase Management

One of the feature that is raised again and again in our team is the ability to export testcases. As indicated in some previous post, we would like to export testcase/description etc to some excel/csv file.

Recently I have been getting a lot of request to import excel data to soapUI. A lot of testers find it easier to do their initial design work in excel. Design work is typically testcase identification and testcase description. This is needed because after we get some specs managers want to see a list of testcases that we have designed for the specs and will add more testcases if we have missed any.

If soapUI had the ability to import testcases form xls/csv, that would save us a lot of time rewriting testcases in soapUI. Something like this would be helpful
Col A - Project Name
Col B - Test Suite
Col C - Test Suite Description
Col D - Test case name
Col E - Test Case Desc
Col F - Overwrite if already present

If I write in my excel in some pre-defined soapUI format, I can pass around this excel sheet to managers and soapUI can then create testsuites/testcases automatically based on this information.

You opinion is always helpful.



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    Hi Ali,

    thanks.. this is an obvious improvement, I hope we can make this into the next version.. I'll let you know..