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14 years ago

TestCase execution via JUnit

Hello Guys,

concerning to the posts Post1 - NoClassDefFoundError ModelItemConfig and Post2-want code to launch test case by using junit Code i have a question about needed library mentioned there.

Is it possible to omit any of the library from soapui lib folder? I can´t believe i need all the library in classpath to run a specific testcase via SoapUI-API. Is there a way to identify the minimum list of needed library or is there a official support list about it?

Thanks for any advice

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    All of these libraries are required to run soapUI. Some might be used only by Mock Services or only by the GUI, but a majority of the libraries are probably required to be able to run any imaginable soapUI TestStep.

    For example xbean_xpath-2.4.0.jar is probably required for XPath support in TestSteps and groovy-all-1.6.4.jar is probably required to parse Groovy scripts. I'm afraid that you are left to trial-and-error here, but I don't really see the problem of just adding all libs (you should be able to just select all the jars in Eclipse and add as dependencies?).


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