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10 years ago

Test runner license issue when running multiple tests simultaneously

Am running testRunner using bash scripts.

Want to run multiple tests to see how the system handles multiple users.


I run for i in {1..10};do echo $i;./ -t massmart -e brytrain02 -r $i -l1 -f 4 >> /home/ds/loadTest.txt 2>&1 & done


Am getting the following, which stops the process.

Since this is the first time you are running it after installing a new license,
you will need to accept the end user license agreement.
Please read it through carefully and review the conditions

View license agreement now? [y/N]: 12:57:35,312 INFO [WsdlProject] Loaded project from [file:/home/ds/projects/IntegrationTestClient/trunk/onceOffTestScripts/../testCases/IMPONE-813-CreateOrder-SimpleValida


I did see a previous post, but I not sure if it relates.


Is it possible to work around this, or is it a licencing issue. 

I have a valid licence for soapui, and checked that the .key file is in  /home/ds/.soapui/. The license works fine on the front end, and if I run the script one at a time i.e. ./ -t massmart -e brytrain02 -r $i -l1 -f 4




Claus Zimmermann

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    Hi Claus,


    Keep in mind that the SoapUI license ties to the User and machine. Thus, if you are running TestRunner under a different user it will not be able to pick up the license. Could you please check if this is the case?

    If you still have an issue, I recommend that you contact our Support team ( ) – they will help you.


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      Thank you Tanya.


      Yes, am using the same user on the machine.


      Will contact Support.