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4 years ago

Test execution of soap ui pro project as part of Azure CI/ CD pipeline using node locked license

Hi All, I am trying to incorporate test execution of automation test suites of SOAP UI pro as part of our build pipeline (pipeline is configured in Azure Devops and build executes in a Linux VM on A...
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    4 years ago

    Hey arjunrao 


    no one's responded to this yet so I am - but I'm not an expert.


    in regards to Docker and the fixed term vs floating license issue.  Whether you need a fixed term or floating license is determined in your example by if the Docker image is wiped out completely each build.  If it's wiped (analagous to a hard drive format - even though this is a poor example!) then you cant use a fixed term license because where will you keep the license key file?  you'd have to keep reinstalling the license file after each wipe  - whereas if its a floater - youd just call the license server Im assuming (or at least thats what I understand from what I've read about this before)


    next, where you state "s it enough if the VM on the cloud (where CI server is installed and runs the pipeline) has a Linux agent of Ready API running along with a fixed license file or do I have to install Ready API on that VM and configure a fixed license file ?"


    I don't know what you mean by Linux agent - I know what a build agent is within a CI/CD/CT setup - but I dont know what you mean in this regard.  Essentially wherever you are running the execution, youll need a licensed version of ReadyAPI! - whether it was actually installed on a build agent server or elsewhere despite the fact that you'd be running in headless mode.


    does that help?  Other people will no doubt know more than me on this - but I at least wanted to give you my opinion based on what Ive read.