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4 years ago

[TechCorner Challenge #2] A Dispatching script to get responses based on the values in Request Body

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    4 years ago

    Task: Quite often, QA testers need to be able to get certain responses based on parameters in the body. To parse data of an incoming request, you can use a dispatching script. Your task today is to create such a script.


    This is a solution created for [TechCorner Challenge #2]


    Here is the Script dispatch for the given conditions.


    Also note that if user provides Media Type other than "application/xml" or "application/json", will send a different error response..


    User will receive the response either xml or json based on the request header "accept", will send a different error response otherwise.


    Used response names in predefined naming convention as shown in the picture which will simplify the code.


    Code for Script Dispatch below. Please follow the in-line comments




    def APPLICATION_XML = 'application/xml'
    def APPLICATION_JSON = 'application/json'
    def ACCEPT = 'Accept'
    def CONTENT_TYPE = 'Content-Type'
    //Closure to validate request content type and accept type
    def isValidDocType = { it in [APPLICATION_XML, APPLICATION_JSON]}
    //Closure to validate the input status in the request
    def isValidStatus = { it in ['available', 'pending', 'sold'] }
    //Map for the response document to send as response; prefix will be identified at run time down the line
    def responseSuffixMap = [200: 'Response_200', 400: 'Response_BadRequest']
    //Closure to find xml request and decide whether 200 or 400 status to send in response
    def getXmlResultCode = {	
    	def xml = new XmlSlurper().parseText(it)
    	xml?.name?.text().size() > 3 && isValidStatus(xml?.status?.text()) ? 200 : 400
    //Closure to find json request and decide whether 200 or 400 status to send in response
    def getJsonResultCode = {
    	def json = new groovy.json.JsonSlurper().parseText(it)
    	json?.name?.size() > 3 && isValidStatus(json?.status) ? 200 : 400
    //Method to read the request headers
    def getHeaderValue(key) { 
    //Handle invalid documents using headers
    if (!isValidDocType(getHeaderValue(CONTENT_TYPE))) {
    	return "UnknownContentType"
    if (!isValidDocType(getHeaderValue(ACCEPT))) {
    	return "UnknownAccept"
    //Identify the response prefix based on the user request
    def responsePrefix = getHeaderValue(ACCEPT).split('/')[1]
    //Actual logic
    def resultCode = 400
    switch (getHeaderValue(CONTENT_TYPE)) {
    		resultCode = getXmlResultCode(mockRequest.getRequestContent())
    		resultCode = getJsonResultCode(mockRequest.getRequestContent())
    return responsePrefix + responseSuffixMap[resultCode]





    NOTE: Have created a sample project for the same in SoapUI Free edition 5.4.0.

    If you are interested, you can have a look at