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3 years ago

Tags in xml comments of SOAP calls are readded to the call



sometimes I need to comment out some parts of an xml request in a SOAP call. The call then works as expected. But then under some to me unknown circumstances ReadyAPI reforms this xml to the original state.

The comments are still there but the tags within the comments were added again automatically.


Is there a way to prevent this, as this causes unexpected behavior a lot of times.



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    Hey Terkon,

    I just want to clarify the issue as it sounds weird.

    So you have some SOAP services setup, and some associated SOAP teststeps and youre commenting out certain tags in your soap that right so far?

    Are you adding the comments in the API itself (the parent record), or are you commenting out tags in the SOAP teststep instead or both?

    So you make a change and some time later you execute your tests and find the comments have been removed?

    Is this a flat project file or composite?


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      Hey Richie,


      thx for your reply.


      You got it basically correct (sorry for not beeing 100% precise).


      But I am not adding the comments in the API itself, just in the SOAP teststep -> this might be a good hint, I will try to place the comments in the API itself. Also the comments are not removed - just the tags which are in comments are automatically recreated in the call + the comments are still there. But then the call is in its original form and does not work.


      I was not able so far to figure out when this happens when not. But when it happens I always have to search the problem, which can be quite annoying.

      Here I was just checking if anybody else knows the problem and maybe a solution. But actually creating a new request template in the API might help. I will try.


      thx again


      PS: I leave the request open for this week, maybe someone else has an additionial idea.