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8 years ago

Survey: what features in Ready! API do you like the best or use the most?

Hi Community,


Please share with us the Ready! API features you like the best or use the most.

Is there anything we need to improve?

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  • I suggest/hoping that the "Get Data" displays the current TestSuite & TestCase on the Top (first on the dropdown list). Also applicable in "Select Content" in assertions window.

    As seen on older version (v. 1.5.0) if I am correct.

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      Couldn't agree more with axeltoushirou. Get data is probably one of the most frequently used features and more ofthen than not testers are fetching data form different parts of the same test case.


      Please make it more easier to get data from current test case. Saves a lot of time and reduces manual errors which working with large projects.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Gilu Gopi

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        Features I like most

        1. Data Source

        2. Data Gen

        3. Enviornments

        4. Get Data


        Wish list of improvements.

        Most of them are not really a deal breaker but because of these could save some time/effort on users part.


        1.  When ready api closes, projects which are currently running won't be saved. At the time of existing ready api, I guess it's more important to save changes than running those steps in back ground.


        2. Nice to have a feature to stop all tests currently running in Ready API GUI. 


        3. Have a way to check out floating licnese from Server via command line on headless linux machines.


        4. Let users stop JDBC data sources when system is still waiting for a response from server. At the moment, if user creates an expensive query and sends to DB and it takes 10-15 minuts or more to come back, test can be stopped only after this response is received.


        5.  I love data generator in DataSource. It makes life a lot easy when you test services which create brand new data and you get to test with different names, addresses etc.


            But in Property types like 'Street Address', let users mention the max length of address. Many times what happens to me is when I specify street address, the address generated by Ready API is having a higher length than what the DB column supports in background and throws an error.


        That's it for now, will post more as and when I remember. 


        Thanks & Regards,

        Gilu Gopi



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    As a testing tool I feel that "your tests are only as good as your assertions"

    So, "Assertions" is the No 1 feature in soapUI that I like the most.

    They are easy to create and works reliably when set.


    Suggestion - Please include them in your regression so that it does not break with new stuff getting introduced around the same

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      testhrishi thank you for your feedback. This is great. Please keep them coming. I'm wondering will you be willing to share your time and your screen so I can observe your interaction with the application? This will definitely help improve the experience. Feel free to email me directly {} and we can setup a time to chat.


      - Veronica

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        Thanks for all the good suggestions, Stories have been created and I will work with Veronica and the rest of the team to try to find solutions for them.




        Best regards,

        Matti Hjelm