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11 years ago

submitting html form


very new in soap ui and getting most stuff working in XML messages and variables. Now I have a challange which i can't seem to work out:

an API xml response contains a URL which can be openen in a browser. Im able to get that done in a HTTP test step and so far is all good. HTML page displays properly.

however the html page has a input field and a submit button to continue. Is there a way to get Soap ui put a value in the HTML form and 'click' the submit button?

i would make me very happy if anyone has a suggestion.


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    Yeah ,
    That was my frist guess too. However it recorded only the traffic AFTER submit button. So im not sure i did right or that it simply didnt detect the form action.
    Will play a bit more with the recording feature I suppose >:(
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      I am trying something similar, is there any solution?




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        Hi Ashika , could you create a new topic and provide more details about your use case there so that the Community could handle you question better?  

        This thread is very old. Thank you!