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4 years ago

SSL error when connecting ReadyAPI to Git

I am trying to connect my ReadyAPI to a remote GIT Repo (which I need to connect via proxy and is hosted on the company intranet) but I receive the follwoing error message:


  • com.smartbear.readyapi.integrations.vcs.git.GitException: com.eviware.soapui.plugins.vcs.VcsIntegrationException: https://xxXXXXXX/XXX/apl_tests.git: Secure connection to https://xxXXXXXX/XXX/apl_tests.git could not be stablished because of SSL problems.
  • com.smartbear.readyapi.integrations.vcs.git.GitException: com.eviware.soapui.plugins.vcs.VcsIntegrationException: https://xxXXXXXX/XXX/apl_tests.git: Secure connection to https:://xxXXXXXX/XXX/apl_tests.gitcould not be stablished because of SSL problems.


Talking with our GIT Admin, he mentioned that I should find a way to add this git config within ReadyAPI :

http.sslVerify = "false" but could not find a way to do it.

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    Try to add the line suggested by your GIT admin in READYAPI_HOME/bin/ReadyAPI.vmoptions file and restart the tool.

    If the still issue persists in ReadyAPI then
    a. report it to SmartBear support
    b. you may install other git tools such as git bash / UI or tortoise git etc for managing file revisions with your repository till the issue get fixed in ReadyAPI