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3 years ago

SSL and SoapUI Request from my Application

I am a web developer and I have a project to do for Xerox (Cyprus). I have access to the Xerox API. The API allows for 'Mock' simulations (not requiring an actual photo copy machine). For this all of the Xerox samples use SoapUI.  
I am not very familiar with Soap and I have no experience with SoapUI. 
I can get the API calls to work using the SoapUI (I am using ReadyAPI) interface but I am facing CORS issues when I call the API from my .NET project. via javascript AJAX calls.
My project uses SSL https but SoapUI uses a http connection.  So, when I try to connect, I get the CORS error. I have spent several days trying to configure ReadyAPI to accept a https request from my project but with no luck. The SSL request, however, does work in the ReadyAPI application.
When I run it from my app, I get the "Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID" error.  Perhaps I am not completely understanding how this SSL certificate works?
Anyway, if you could help me solve my CORS issue, I would happily pay for your service and expertise.
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