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9 years ago

Soup UI Pro Users: Usability Testing

If you are a Soup UI Pro user feel free to contact me directly.


I'm looking to observe how you are using the tool so I can work on improving the experience and interaction.


You can reply below or email me directly at


- Veronica

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    Thank you for reaching out to the community and looking for hearing from them.

    In general, I see lot of people complains such it is freezing, edit or not allowing to edit etc. without much details.

    May be it could be fact that people are not really aware of using it effectively and may need a bit of guidance.

    What I notice is
    - some people open lot of projects open in the workspace
    - trying to run big projects
    - losing their work / soapui corrupted project due to hang or something
    - then complains taking too much time to start etc.

    If they do pay little attention and aware of things will improve such users better UI experience such as

    - Use UI for design and execute the tests command line such as testrunner, maven
    - keep closing and removing unwanted projects.
    - assign right heap size(some people assingn 8gb or more without use) for the tool.
    - Use CVS/VCS/Version control in order to not to loose their work. In fact, can leverage git integration.

    May be time to have some best practise guide / documentation around should help new comer as the community keep growing.
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      I appreciate you taking the time to give some suggestion as to how to use the tool.  I am admittedly one of the people who are 1) experiencing issues with the tool (memory usage) and 2) am not really aware of how to use the tool effectively.



      Unfortunately, most of your suggestions for using the tool effectively are to basically not use the tool.  "only use the tool for UI", "use command line", "keep closing/ opening projects when not immediately using", are all suggestions to get around issues without addressing the issues.  If the tool is slow, you don't fix the tool by not using it.  If the tool can't reliably handle large projects or multiple opened projects, then it should put limitations on those.

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        Aaron, will you be willing to share your screen with me? I would like to see your interaction with the application. Let me know and I'll setup a GoToMeeting.

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    I have ReadyAPI 1.7 and once a project is opened, I'm unable to reload it or close it, it starts freezing and the only option I have is to kill with task manager. It's very annoying as we use GIT as versioning tool and we have to switch between our branches so our endpoints very frequently.

    I did all memory tunings that are recommended.

    There is this post related to this issue:


    Any suggetions?


  • Thanks for the intel. 


    I think that Soap UI is used by 2 types of testers,

    The Technical adapt testers and the less technical adapt testers.
    I fall in the second category and tend to rely on the UI (maybe to heavily?)


    I think Soap UI is one of the best tools to test webservices but it would be a mayor improvement I think to make it more user friendly with an eye on the non technically adapt testers.