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15 years ago

[SOLVED]Renaming a test causes duplicate test case on reload

I created a test case and decided to rename the test case.  After I renamed the test case on project reload I began receiving errors that I had a duplicate test case name in my project.  I looked into my folder structure and noticed there was a test case file for my original test case name and the new test case name.  Both of these files have the same test case id (GUID)  and name.

I'm using this version: Build dist-81-2009-12-16, Build Date 2009/12/16 03:39

Can this issue and the one filed a few days ago about composite --> save be fixed on a higher priority if possible.



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    Since file names( composite project ) are derived from test case names warning is to prevent accidental overwrite. This is caused by bug you already reported. Fix for it in upcoming nightly build.

    Let me know how it works for you,