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7 years ago

SoapUI/ReadyAPI Maven - Run Multiple TestCase in POM

Hello SmartBear Community,


Is it possible to run SoapUI/ReadyAPI for more than one test case using Maven via configuring the POM.xml file?


I have a POM file configured to run ReadyAPI. 












<!--tags><param>TestCase tag1, tag2</param></tags-->




Note: With the above setup, test suite = TestSuite_One and test case = TestCase_One will be executed. 

If I leave testSuite and testCase blank as shown below, then all testSuite and testCase will be executed.



Ideally, I can execute more than one test case by using tag as comment above. Tag the test case in SoapUI/ReadyAPI, then call them in POM. Question, is tag the only method to use to execute multiple test cases with Maven?




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