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8 years ago

SOAPUIPRO-SOAPUI Suite how to map the second row test data using data driven( Need Solution)

Hi All,


SOPAUI Pro need to pass the second row input  once the first execution(Suite) is complete 




Schedule : 1


Creating the new account

Created account has unique id  am updating all the input parameter using data driven (Excel) and mapping the first column data 


Schedule : 2


Issue: once the first execution is completed new to map the second data column in the same suite for my new execution 


Because we  don''t have option to delete the created account and we can't use the same data for the second execution


Plz let me know if you have solution for this issue 


Concern : if my test suite map it and schedule in jenkins, first schedule should pick in first row data and second schedule should pick the second row data for the test execution upto 365 days 


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