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4 years ago

SoapUI tests are failing

Hi  We have been running some of our API Functional Tests for a while using soapUI & ReadyAPI. Suddenly our tests are failing by saying  <h1>You must log in to access this URL.</h1>  our applicati...
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    4 years ago
    Hey lboggala,

    Are you saying all your ReadyAPI! tests are now failing?
    And they used to pass before?
    Obviously something changed in your environment....have you identified what changed?

    The response youre getting sounds like an authentication/authorisation issue. Whats the HTTP response code youre it a 401?

    When i have issues where a request works in Postman but doesnt in ReadyAPI! or SoapUI, I use Fiddler.

    Fiddler is an analysis tool that allows you to check the requests and compare them against each other. Essentially you setup Fiddler and proxy the requests to capture the details.

    So submit your Postman request across Fiddler to your endpoint to capture the request, then do the same with ReadyAPI!