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7 years ago

SOAPUI returns <not-xml/> in Request and Response

Hello,   Last week, I got a new computer from work and had to migrate my data from my old one. I had to reinstall all my programs, including ReadyAPI. I imported the SOAP-projects from my old PC on...
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    7 years ago



    With the help of the SmartBear support, I found a solution to my problem today.


    My TestCases are mostly request within a data-driven loop. In ReadyAPI Version 2.3.0, a new option was introduced to reduce the memory consumption during data-driven testing.


    In the configuration of the DataSource Loop, there is an option "Discard PASS Results with Loop".

    See following screenshot:


    This option needs to be unchecked, because it basically does the same thing as the "Discard Succesful Result" under the "Default Test Case Options" in the general Preferences.


    I hope this helps anyone who has a similar problem.