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14 years ago

soapUI on a virtual client


our organisation is planning to use virtual clients for all users (using VM Lab Manager).
So it is necessary to check, if all software-applications may support this.

Would you please tell me, if soapUI/soapUI Pro can be executed and used on a virtual client?
Did you ever try this? May there be any obstacles?

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    there should be no specific problems running soapUI or soapUI Pro on virtual clients, we do it all the time :-)


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    We had installed ReadyAPI on virtual host (AWS). The host is sharing with multiple automation testers. They all installed ReadyAPI too. We all installed on same directory under C: drive though each need seperate individual license. However, it recently constantly being corrupted. E.g. missing projects or project operation and request, missing or corrupted soap actions from SoapUI Pro (soap action grayed off with no request and response windows on the right).


    Can anybody tell me if ReadyAPI is certified to run by multiple users on virtual host (AWS)?

    • Hi kcchong,


      Yes, you can use ReadyAPI by multiple users on one machine. But they should use different workspaces and projects if they work at the same time on one machine.