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5 years ago


I am trying to mock a Soap WS with SSL, in order to do that first I generated a private key in a keystore using keytool (alias : soapui) then I configured the SSL Settings in SopaUI Preferences:

Enable Mock SSL : enable SSL for Mock Services

Mock Port 

Mock KeyStore : (keystore location)

Mock Password : (keystore password)

Mock Key Password : (private key password)

Mock TrusteStore : (the same as Mock KeyStore)

Mock trustStore Password : (keystore password)


Then I try to run the Mock WS and I get the following error: !JsseListener: Cannot recover key


If I remove "enable SSL for Mock Services" from Preference the Mock WS works fine (without SSL).


I do not know if I am missing anything, I double checked and password are correct... Maybe the private key alias is wrong but I would not know which alias to use instead...


  • Hi AlbertoMolina,


    t looks like this question requires additional investigation. So, I suggest that you create a support ticket here. Our Customer Care team will do their best to assist you.