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8 years ago

SoapUI and Jenkins integration in different computers



I want to create a Jenkins job that calls SoapUI (testrunner) but they are running in different computers


How should i do this? I assume i will be able to call the testrunner command in the remote machine and i understand the xml with the scripts should be in soapUI machine, but... in terms of reporting, where will the report be generated? Will it be in the soap machine?


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  • I also looked into that.

    What I found was 2 options:

    1. buy a license for readyAPI for the jenkins machine

    2. jenkins has a child-module that you can install on another machine and use that to run the code on that other machine


    We are still investigating what will work best for us.

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    I believe that your services are running on different computers.


    You still can install soapui on the same machine as Jenkins and soapui test can call the services of your application, running on a remote server.


    Hope this clarifies.


    Which version of the software are you using?

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      I am using 1.9.5


      So, i should have the xml with the test cases in the same server as jenkins, and from there, invoke testrunner calling the other computer where SoapUI application is installed, isnt it?


      What about the report? Where will it be generated? In the jenkins server, or in the SoapUI server?