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10 years ago

SoapUI 4/5 difference - Getting Error getting response;NULL

Hi I'm experiencing major difference between soapUI 4 and 5 version behavior. In my project I have a WS-Security configured, Outgoing with Signature and Encryption, also Incoming WS-Security. Whi...
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    6 years ago

    [Solved] I was getting the message "error getting response; null".

    I added the files "wss4j-1.6.18.jar" and "xmlsec-1.5.8.jar" as shown below in SoapUI 5.4.0. so i solved my problem about that message. You can get the lib files "wss4j-1.6.18.jar" and "xmlsec-1.5.8.jar" from ReadyAPI 2.6.0 that you downloaded .