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4 years ago

SOAP UI Client doesnt generate the requests after providing WSDL

I have installed SOAPUI on MAC but it doesnt generate requests from WSDL. Any help

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    Hi rjk 


    I'm running windows not MacOS, so cant help too much cos it's like apples and oranges - but can you provide a bit more info to clarify.


    what do you mean when you state 'client doesn't generate requests from the .wsdl'?


    - do you mean that when you attempt to create a teststep based on the request in the wsdl it isnt working?



     do you mean when you try and submit a request created via the wsdl - the submission isn't doing anything (i.e. you hit submit but nothing happens)?


    depending on your answer above - have you checked the ReadyAPI!, HTTP, and Error logs when you try and do whatever isnt working?


    Need to clarify exactly what you mean before anyone will be able to try and help diagnose a solution,





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      Thank you for your reply Richie!


      rjk Were you able to solve this? If not, please clarify your case like Richie is asking so that the Community could try and help. Thank you.