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6 years ago

SmartBear's TestComplete Adds Artificial Intelligence for Smarter UI Test Automation

Hello SoapUI Community!


We are excited to announce that the latest release of our UI testing tool, TestComplete, is here! The new version includes features that will expand test coverage, increase support for modern web frameworks, and help you more easily design, run, and maintain your UI tests.


While many of you may not have a need for a front-end testing tool, the latest update has powerfu capabilities that can make UI testing easier and faster. If you’re on the lookout, take a look at TestComplete.


Highlights include:


  • Object Recognition Now Including AI: TestComplete adds AI to its object recognition engine to detect and test application components that were previously undetectable. It’s perfect for testing charts, mainframes, PDFs, SAP and other technologies.
  • Smarter Test Maintenance with An Intelligent Recommendation System: TestComplete will auto-detect unused objects and application updates to request an ‘Intelligent Update’ with a single click or during runtime.
  • Enhanced Web Testing for Modern Frameworks: Test applications based on React and Angular web frameworks (i.e. Facebook, WhatsApp, Netflix and PayPal). TestComplete now provides an option to add specific custom attributes to your project settings so you can test any modern JavaScript framework.

You can learn more about the latest updates via:

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  • That's fantastic news! It's always great to see advancements in UI testing tools. The updated version of streaming App that will Test Complete seems promising, especially with its focus on expanding test coverage and better support for modern web frameworks. It sounds like it will make designing, running, and maintaining UI tests much smoother. Looking forward to giving it a try!