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5 years ago

Setting up ReadyAPI! with Git/Jenkins


I've been tasked with setting up ReadyAPI! so our tests run within a CI/CD framework, but without any help from the people who work here (long story).

This is a bit of an open question so i apologise (if i asked this on stackoverflow, i'd get destroyed!), but i was wondering if anyone could lay out the major tasks i would need to perform to get this setup.

I know we use Git for version control and Jenkins to create the pipelines. I have no choice regarding the tools i use. It has to be Git and Jenkins. If someone could just list the tasks i need to complete to get this done i'd be very grateful (again i appreciate this is a rubbish question).

I know i need to
1. convert the project into a composite project.
2. Create a repository (to store the readyapi! Project.xml file in
3. Create a pipeline in Jenkins that executes the project daily

As you can see....i have no real understanding....i've been trying to do some reading, but i'm struggling to pull the info together to gain a better understanding.

Thanks in advance,


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