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4 years ago

setting keystore to the groovystep to interact with Amazon DocumentDB

Dear Smartbear community

This is my very first post on the community ,


I am trying to connect to AWS DocumentDB using groovy script, before that I need to set up the keystore for connecting to DB, for that I have my keystore saved in WSS Container, but facing hard time to set that keystore to the corresponding groovy step where am trying to interact with AWS Document DB.


I have tried using this approach, in this they are trying to set SSL keystore for API request, but in my case its for Groovy script. Please help me with the solution


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      I have followed the same approach and was able to connect to Document DB using JAVA through eclispe, tried to replicate  the same in groovy during which am getting suncerpathException which is related to set the keystore in ReadyAPI. Please help me further on this

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        I was trying to say earlier that the same java code should work in groovy script (with minor or no modifications).