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7 years ago

Saving a DataGen input in each iteration and using the same to compare at the end with a response

Hi All,


I have a test case where i need to store values generated by DataGen eg :- Value1 and Value2. In each iteration my script should should store values for Value1(iteration1), Value2(Iteration1), Value1(iteration2), Value2(Iteration2). I dont want to save it externally. Now when the loop ends i want to use all the values generated and compare it with one of my responses. Can you please help me with it

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    I had a quick look at the 'DataGen' step a couple of weeks ago and I think I remember reading that it's deprecated for the 'Datasource' (Data Generator) option.


    I got to say - that the Datasource Data Generator option seems a lot easier to use - the UI appears a lot more intuitive - also all the values you created get assigned to properties as a consequence of using the function - so I'd start looking at that initially and go from there.