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5 years ago

Running the Testcases at Project level

When I run the test cases at project level few test cases failed. Whereas when i go and run them individually it is working. May i know the reason  

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  • samatha 


    Have you try to debug it or have you look into the error log about the issue.


    Does it have any dependency on any other testcase.


    Any screenshot you can provide.


    Because if individually they are running than should run no matter running via project level.

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      Hi samatha 


      I also have had similar behaviour before now when running multiple tests in sequence certain ones failed whereas if I ran the tests individually the tests passed.

      This issue was nearly always due to resourcing and latency when I had this issue.

      As HimanshuTayal  suggests - you need to review your logs but maybe provide a bit more info.  


      Did the same testcases fail each time or were the failing testcases different?

      The reason for the failing testcases - are they failing on particular test steps?  e.g. JDBC request to retrieve a large number of records?

      The latency could be local to you (your laptop resourcing) or server end resourcing (threading/memory/CPU resourcing). 

      To 'fix' my problem, I added some waits via the 'Delay' test step at appropriate places (within my tests within the project) just to slow things down a little (based on the results of my analysis of the failures) and this resolved my problem.

      I also checked that I wasn't running the tests in parallel but in sequence which can cause different tests to fail each run depending on the available resourcing for the endpoint I was hitting.





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        Thank you Himanshu, richie!


        samatha looks like you have some troubleshooting suggestions already. Let us know how it goes.

        If you require more help - please provide the details the Community is asking of you, and we will see how more we can help!