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3 years ago

Running tests on multiple dockers simultaneously

I need to run ReadyAPI tests on multiple docker containers simultaneously. Do I need a separate Ready API license for every docker container I spawn in parallel?
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    3 years ago
    Hey atariqharri,

    I havent got specific experience of multiple ReadyAPI containers using say docker compose, but ive got the individual option, so im gonna try using logic and my previous exp to answer as no one else has answered as yet.

    You need a floating license to support ReadyAPI running in containers as once the service is dropped, the container disappears.
    The consequence is that once you restart your container, using floaters will resolve the hindrance of having to contact Smartbear (either online or email) to activate the license.

    Im guessing as long as you have a floater with enough licenses to support the number of spawned ReadyAPI containers, that'd work fine.

    I do kmow Smartbear have changed their licensing recently (new id based licenses) and this could change how to implement this stuff.

    If i were you, id raise a support ticket with Smartbear to determine the best option.