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8 years ago

Running Selected Test Suites in parallel but not all Test Suites under one Project.

Hi All,
I know we about the option where we can run the test suites in a project in parallel or even test cases in a particular test suite.

However,  I would like to know if there is an option to to run only selected test suites in parallel. For Instance, I have a project containing 10 test suites.

The first Test Suite is my Setup Part which should always run first as it sets up some important configuration which will be used by all the tests.

Then I have 8 test suites which can run in paralled.

Then my last test suite, 10th Test suite is my cleanup, whcih should always run last.

Can we achieve this order with ReadyAPI 1.9.0


And also, will this order be maintained, if I run the entire Project on Jenkins using Maven.

Vivek Malhotra

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    While not exactly what you are requesting, the use case you describe of running pre and post test suites seems to fit the functionality of the project Setup Script and Teardown Script (These are both just Groovy Scripts).


    I'm not sure how large or complicated your setup and cleanup TestSuites are, or if this is a viable solution for you?


    While I have never run complete TestSuites from Groovy, I do call other individual test cases from Groovy, with these "common library" test cases in their own separate TestSuite which is left disabled so they don't get run when the full project is run (hope that makes sense!).