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3 years ago

run ready api tests in jenkins via jenkins nodes in lunx



We use ready API trial free version to create a poc on web services. So during this free version, I try to run in Jenkins "ready API" tests unfortunately  I have some difficult,

If the integration and reports of ready API are conclusive in Jenkins, we have the possibility to buy the licence.


My problems


1) I already installed ready API functional test in manage repository (Jenkins) and restart Jenkins.

2) I had already a Jenkins node (configured by team) --> node Jenkins --> Linux Ubuntu

3) On your document: 


2. Install Ready API on Jenkins nodes

To install Ready API automatically:

  1. Use the Execute batch command build step. The way you add it depends on the operating system of the Jenkins node:

3. Get Ready API license


4. Copy test projects and data files to nodes


it's possible to see this 3 points with an expert?


Thanks, best regards


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