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6 years ago

Run Concurrent Requests


I am using Ready Api 1.9.  I have a requirement to run concurrent requests (POST, PUT, GET) as a part of same test case. I am able to do it if the requests are separate test cases and run them in paralel.


But to run in single test case I tried using multi threading concepts in groovy but didnt work out.


Any custom scripts to do the above?



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      Hi Alex, 

      I already raised a ticket to customer care and they suggested to raise this in community as providing customised ready-to-use script is not yet supported by them. 

      On top of it my requirement is to run in SOAPUI pro only.

      Any way to do it?

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        Aha, I see...

        Alas, I am not that proficient with Groovy to be of any help in your case...

        But my recommendation for LoadComplete seems to be still relevant.