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5 years ago

Rest API chunked response gives corrupt data stream in error logs


I have SOAP UI pro and for a specific request when i hit , the response is recieved complete in the HTTP logs,but the request as well as response is not displayed on the UI as seen in the image. 















The error logs show Corrupt data stream though the request hits successfully and response is also generated. The same request works fine with Postman.What needs to be enabled/disabled/set for this to be successfully generated.

Further analysis of this made me go through the header Transfer-encoding:chunked because of which the response is recieved in chunks and SOAPUI pro isnt able to handle the chunked response and gives error in the logs. How can I do a workaround for this

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  • Even I'm getting the same error. No response content in the response editor.


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      Tried further by enabling Chunking Threshold in settings but issue remains the same.

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        Hi Raghav19  & chaitu219 


        I've never used used this header before and if I'm not misunderstanding the problem completely (it happens) I have 2 suggestions.


        Firstly - are you sure you're using the 'Chunking Threshold' preference option correctly?  you say you set it to '1' - I did a search and found an old post on this forum and essentially it states


        indicates the threshold chunking attribute needs to be set as

        - setting it to 0 disables chunking
        - setting it to a positive value disables chunking for requests that are larger than the set value..


        so this only works correctly for chunked responses IF your response chunks are <1.....not the way I would've implemented this functionality - but still - it appears you need to an integer value that is greater than the size of your responses.


        Next - if that doesnt do anything - I'd re-execute the request within readyapi! whilst proxying with fiddler to see exactly whats going on with the traffic


        I'd then do the same - but this time - I'd proxy the readyapi! traffic via fiddler - then I'd compare the fiddler results between postman and readyapi!  focusing on the RAW requests and responses along with the headers.


        That's all I've got I'm afraid - but if were you - that's where I'd start from.....