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12 years ago

[Resolved] Switching between Form and XML view corrupts XML

After switching between Form / XML Mode XML Data contains a duplicate set of elements.

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    Can we have a look at your XML schema? Please e-mail it to our support e-mail address with a link to this forum topic if you don't want to share it publicly.


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    I have the same problem (Using SoapUI Pro 4.5.1) and posted another issue on the board. Did you get any solution suggestion? It is very annoying, right now I have started using again free version of SoapUI plugin for Eclipse to be able to do my work.
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    The problem was solved long ago and the root cause, in our case, was our WSDL:s and XML schemas.
    I have been using SoapUI-Pro now in 3-4 months and impressed by lots of features that I have found out in the tool, like indesign Groovy, property transfers, loadtests, Jasper reporting etc.
    However the support of the tool is well .... :-)
    Thanks anyway.
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      FYI ... this problem has NOT been fixed.  I'm using SoapUI PRO 5.1 and this is still an issue.  I have to open all requests in XML view to avoid the problem.