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8 years ago

Request and Response URI different in Ready API and SoapUI NG Pro

Hi Guys,


We are having an issue with the Ready API which is showing the Response URL different from the Request URI. This is the reason we are not able to switch to Ready API from SoapUI. 


We have analysed the traffic with Fiddler and our Response is originating from the URI that is mentioned in the Request


Please find the screenshot for reference.

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    Hi Santhosh,


    Please try the latest version of Ready! API 2.0.2: But, Ready! API should show the response which was taken from the web service. You said that you have analyzed the traffic from Fiddler. Did you do it for Ready! API requests or for requests from your application?

    Also, check the "Follow Redirects" and the "Follow 302 Redirect with GET" options of a request:

  • We see the same issue (2 years later) as the request URI and the response URL returned are not the same. Additionally, the endpoint is different for the URI and URL.

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      What response do you get if you send a request using another application? For example, using a browser.

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        We see the correct information using a browser for both the request and response. Additionally, the content contained in the response section is correct, it is only the URL in the "Response xlmns" that is incorrect.