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4 years ago

ReadyAPI vs RestAssured ?

I am looking for a *fair* comparison between rest assured and ready api for rest api testing only. I am *not* interested in looking at the unrelated features which ready api has that rest assured does not have, i.e. SQL connection, MQ connection, SOAP compatibility, Reporting, Integration with CI etc. Those are important things, but secondary to the work of API testing.

Does anyone know any fair comparisons of rest assured and ready api? Can the SmartBear team compare their product to rest assured and publish the results publicly?

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    Hey rajs2020,

    As youre probably aware if youre asking REST-assured is a REST Client that is essentially a bunch of java libraries facilitating your REST API testing.

    I actually did a comparison of readyapi! vs REST-assured for my last contract about 18 months ago and REST-assured is excellent as a REST Client, just as ReadyAPI! is excellent. ReadyAPI! just does a lot more natively, but includes licensing costs, whereas REST-assured doesnt. If you're just testing REST APIs then both will do what you need.

    If you don't want to compare and highlight the differences, whats the point of the comparison? As you say it doesn't include a number of things natively (JMS, JDBC, SOAP, etc.), but you can still extend the capability of REST-assured with java, just as when ReadyAPI!s native functionality doesnt do what you need, you extend with groovy/java. They both support being plumbed into ci/cd/ct pipelines for automation.

    Both tools are great, but one is completely code based so requires a simple level of java to use just the REST Client functionality, but a good level of coding when you want to extend.
    If youve got a bunch of java developers doing testing then REST-assured is a good tool. If youve got a bunch of testers with coding skills ranging from mine (useless) to good, ReadyAPI! is great.

    As to Smartbear publishing a comparison. Why would they? There would need to be significant business benefit for them to do the comparison, cos it'd cost 100's to do it properly and Smartbear probably don't feel they need to do this.

    All the above is just my opinion on this. I dont work for Smartbear or represent their interests in any way



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      richie : That's very informative 🙂


      I would like to add few more point here:


      In ReadyAPI you will get a good UI so you can have a look on how many test suites or test cases are there, how many endpoints are there which you are using but in case of rest-assured no UI is there you need to maintain everything by your own


      In Case of ReayAPI very less coding skills are required as most of the things are already available with-in tool like `no need to write code to read/write data from excel, no need to write code for reporting, etc


      1 more and last point is, in order to save your code on git or integrate with JIRA it is very quick but in case of rest-assured you need to do RnD.


      Advantage of RestAssured over ReadyAPI is you will save cost of license but it doesn't matter it your project/client can bear the cost. You can save lot of time. 🙂



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        Ah! HimanshuTayal's point is very important. Being able to see the objrct hierarchies api,operation, method, request as well as testsuite, testcase, teststep is invaluable!