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2 years ago

ReadyAPI startup very slow

Opening ReadyAPI 3.44.0 (just launching it via .exe) takes around 2 minutes for me and after starting the UI reacts very slow. Also for running tests with the testRunner.bat it takes up to 2 minutes until the first test runs (that is like 20% of my overall execution time). The machine, where the tests are running is a VM that has plenty of RAM and CPU. I also played around with the xmx settings, but the result was the same.


Is there anything that could cause this sluggish behaviour?

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    Unfortunately this is not something new, and loading/refreshing the project does take some time. You can try adjusting the memory usage [reference]. If your tests are running fine, I would say it's just something that you might have to be annoyed by for now or you could open a ticket with support [here] if you believe ReadyAPI is overutilizing resources.