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4 years ago

ReadyAPI Runner on Jenkins writes logs in the home directory how do I clean up?

We use a ReadyAPI Runner on our Jenkins slave and we have seen that the runner writes his own log for every Job that it running. The log is located in the <home directory>/.readyapi directory, where we have a reduced space to write something. After a while the node will be unusable because the logfiles will exceed the space available. 

In the documentation I did not find an option to specify not to write logs there or a different location. How can I tell the runner not to write logs or write them elsewhere?

I'm running on linux, the used readyapi version is at 2.6.0 at the moment.

  • Hi, chilber!


    To turn off logging, try editing the "soapui-log4j.xml" file in the "<ReadyAPI installation>/bin" folder.
    There is a number of "logger" elements that control what to log. Each of them has one or more child elements "AppenderRef" specifying output. Output defined in the "Appenders" element is located in the same file.
    If the appender writes to file (FILE, GLOBAL_GROOVY_LOG, LICENSE_LOG, and ERRORFILE), set the "level" attribute of AppenderRef to "OFF".


    For example, there is a "groovy.log" logger:


    <logger name="groovy.log" level="INFO" additivity="false">
    <AppenderRef ref="CONSOLE"/>
    <AppenderRef ref="GLOBAL_GROOVY_LOG" level="DEBUG"/>


    To turn off logging to files but keep logging in the console output, set level="OFF" for the second AppenderRef:


    <logger name="groovy.log" level="INFO" additivity="false">
    <AppenderRef ref="CONSOLE"/>
    <AppenderRef ref="GLOBAL_GROOVY_LOG" level="OFF"/>


    Repeat it for all the logger elements to not write logs to files.Hope it will solve your problem.

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    Not sure, but you may try override or user.home system argument in your build step and see.
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      Thanks for the idea Rao!

      chilber  did you try the suggestion?

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        moving the home directory will effect other installed software, so this is not an option.

        Isn't this a problem for everyone, that the runner will create a hidden directory which will grow for ever without the possibility of cleaning it up? We set up the automation hosts automatically and no one is meant actually log on to it.