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6 years ago

ReadyAPI project created in Windows, has issues while working on Mac machine

  • Step1: ReadyAPI project created in Windows and pushed in Bitbucket.
  • Step2: Pulled from Bitbucket and loaded on a Mac machine.
  • Step3: Project loads fine but while saving it gives warning message: "File for [Get] has been modified externally, overwrite."
  • Step 4: [Actual Issue] Whatever, I select when I save it and reload again, it removes all the rest resources and I am unable to load the project thereafter. It reports missing Rest Resources.

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    Thank you for your post. If you use ReadyAPI 2.4.0 the issue may be caused by the project.content file, which was introduced in ReadyAPI 2.4.0. This file includes backward slashes "\" which aren't understood on Linux and Mac


    There are the following workarounds: 

    w/a #1: delete the project.content file. ReadyAPI will recreate it with forward slashes on the next start (on Linux and Mac)
    w/a #2: replace backward slashes with forward ones in a text editor


    BTW, the issue is fixed in ReadyAPI 2.5.0.