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2 years ago

ReadyAPI hangs upon test case execution

We have a really simple test case, we do a POST call with a payload, get an ID back from the post, then we do a GET request step using that ID after being transferred. Lately, the GET has been responding in almost not time (not a change) but the test case keeps "running". We have our tests run automatically using Jenkins on a schedule, and when that run hits this step, it thinks it runs for 10 minutes, (even though we have the response) which aborts the run. And the rest of the test suite doesn't get run. 

Disabling this specific test case, lets the suite run to completion, re-enabling and the test case keeps running. 

The assertions all pass, the response comes back, all within 3 seconds. I tried looking for something similar in the community, but couldn't find anything. Any troubleshooting steps/ideas would be helpful. 

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