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2 years ago

ReadyAPI GitHub integration

Hi All,

Am trying to create an automated solution which will run my API tests in ReadyAPI tool using GitHub Actions. I did check some documentation from Smartbear and it looks like if I have a TestEngine license then I would be able to run the API tests using TestEngine by adding some lines of code in the workflow file in GitHub Actions. But I don't have a TestEngine license as its not bundled along with ReadyAPI and require a separate license for that. Is there any possibility of creating an automated solution which will run my API Tests located in the Github repository without launching the ReadyAPI tool in my machine like running the TestRunner using the CLI command or anything similar without using TestEngine?


SarahS : Could you please help?

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    Question to ask yourself:even if you have what you are currently lacking

    Is your API's available to github? so that github actions can run the tests against.