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4 years ago

ReadyAPI Floating License Migration – Action Required

Hi Community,


Some important information if you have a ReadyAPI Floating License


To control floating licenses, ReadyAPI uses Protection! Licensing Server. We want to notify you that in order to continue with upcoming versions of ReadyAPI (3.3.1 and beyond) you will need to update the License Server, obtain a new license, and advise individual users to check-out the new license.


In anticipation of the release of ReadyAPI 3.3.1 during the last week of July, there are three migration options to consider to ensure readiness as we approach this date:


  1. Immediate Upgrade: We encourage you to upgrade to the newest version of Protection! Licensing Server and v3.3.1 of ReadyAPI when it gets released near the end of July to ensure latest features and optimal security.


  1. Step-by-Step Migration: If you are concerned about potential downtime and want to upgrade, SmartBear will allow you to run your current version of Protection! for 1 month while you setup the new licensing server in a new location so that you can transition your users and processes to the new server.


  1. Postpone Upgrade: You can decide not upgrade to the new license server and stay on the current version of ReadyAPI that you are using. Older versions will not receive new features or enhancements.


In preparation for these options, the SmartBear Customer Care Team asks that you file a support ticket and follow the instructions below so we can gather the appropriate information and have you on the path for a successful upgrade.


  • Click Here to file ‘New Support Request’
  • Under the ‘What is the type of your request?’ dropdown menu, select ‘Floating License Server Upgrade Inquiry (to v.5.x.x)
  • Follow instructions and fill out subsequent form with all requested information


Details and instructions outlining your migration options and the steps involved are outlined below. At this time, this is provided for planning purposes only to help inform which option you would like to pursue as you submit a support ticket.

Upgrade License Server Instructions

We continue to evolve and improve our products in order to meet customer and market needs. If you have any questions, please include them in your support ticket or reach out to your account representative for assistance.

Thank you,