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3 years ago

ReadyAPI 3.9.1 stopping/hanging on REST request

Has anyone noticed any hanging in ReadyAPI when doing a REST request? 


I've done a super simple get token type of REST request and it will execute fine one time and then it will just stop.  I end up having to go into Task Manager and kill the task and restart ReadyAPI.  I've left the logs display open to see if it encounters and error and nothing, it just all freezes up.  


If anyone has seen this let me know if you found what the issue is and if there is a fix of some kind.  We noticed this in our office after the move from 3.9.0 to 3.9.1.


Let me know if you have any other questions and if this should go to a tech support ticket.


Thanks all!



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    You may want to open a customer support ticket and use old version meanwhile if that is working without any issue.
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      I have submitted a support ticket.  I'll update here of the resolution once I have one.


      Thank you!


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      Hey khanchett 


      As well as raising a support ticket like Rao mentioned, I'm wondering:


      Does this hanging/freezing issue occur when you execute other REST test steps in your project or does it only occur on a particular step?

      Have you tried cloning the testcase with the problematic teststep and re-execute to see if the hanging/freezing occurs?





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        The hanging that I've seen happens randomly.  As an example we have a token request before any method request. 


        Token REST Request

        REST operation A Request

        Token REST Request 

        REST operation B Request


        I've ran multiple times and it's stopped at the first token request, it's stopped at the operation A request, it's ran successfully then it would stop on the second token request.  It's sporadic and no rhyme or reason why it happens that I can see. Like I've said I have left the logs open on the Error tab and on the ReadyAPI tab and nothing shows as an error, it just stops and everything freezes.


        I've had other employees here trying to get REST to work and they are using completely different environments from me and getting the same thing and it is also only on REST requests.


        Hopefully that helps.