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11 months ago

ReadyAPI 3.44.1 - Losing work, corrupted files

Just a heads-up to the community -- ever since I took 3.44.1, I've had multiple situations in which I've lost work and had to redo it. I filed a critical support request 2 weeks ago, contacted our rep, and have still heard nothing from the obviously understaffed support team. Today, work I did TWICE yesterday is now missing. 


Maybe it's something I'm doing, but I've worked with this product for a very long time and know its ins and outs, and this just feels buggy. There's nothing quite as important to get right in software as being able to confidently save your work. I no longer trust this product to do that. Good luck.  

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  • I too have the same issue .. and same as you have a support ticket in from many weeks ago but no response after requesting some assistance.


    I am so puzzled by this.


    For me it is the assertions and custom test case properties that keep reverting back to previous versions. I will update an assertion .. I will delete a custom test case property .. I will save my work multiple times .. 2 days later when I load the project and run the Test case my 'old' assertions are back and so are the custom test case properties .. not sure how ReadyAPI does this .. it is like it is storing a version control or something.


    For ex. I will delete this entry from a Test Step. Save project .. a day later open it up and it will reappear again.

    So frustrating to lose work like this