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6 years ago

Ready!APi 2.4 to Ready!API1.9

I have a developer creating SOAPUI projects with READY!API 2.4 ( because that was latest  and greatest when purchased).  I have READY!API 1.9 because that is what is on the PRIVATE NODES to be able to run.  When I try to import his project I keep getting an invalid project file.



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    Some things have changed in the way the project is saved in ReadyApi 2.4. That is the reason you are getting that error when importing the project.

    I think there is a setting on how to save the project but I am not sure and I don't have the laptop with me now...
  • Faced the same problem i think there is some problem in versioning of ReadyAPI, when you try to open higher version's Project in Lower Version ReadyAPI, then it shows this error.


    And it works fine when you open lower version's project in higher version.


    Didn't get any work around for this :(


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