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7 years ago

Ready API hangs frequently and consuming 7 GB of memory

I am using the latest licensed version of Ready API. It hangs frequently and it is taking more time to start up.


This seems very poor when comparing the SOAP UI

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      Thanks for the suggestion. I tried memory management mentioned. Still it does not work. I think that having the huge test history will be the reason for this. When I disable the 'Test History' in preference , it is faster. Badly I need test history to review my failures on each run.



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        I run into this quite often as well. While not a solution, I have a potential bandaid. I have a project that I use as a test-bed for various groovy script projects. It's small and I usually always have it open. I have a groovy script in there that runs the following code:




        I run this whenever I see ReadyAPI using more than a few gigs of memory and sometimes it can help me lessen how many times I have to close and re-open the program.