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9 months ago

Ready Api Azure Pipelines Shows test Case Test Steps as seperate tests

I am trying a few different things to make this not happen. Here is a screen shot of what I am seeing.

The _1 are the main test cases that are getting triggered from the pipeline run as it matches tags. The _2 shows all the times we call our login template test case. This is skewing the number of tests that we are running at one time.

I have tried messing with the run mode for the test case Test step settings but that doesn't seem to affect it.

If I run the test case through groovy it seems to be working but I am having trouble failing the test case and being able to see the reason why if it was an assertion failure.


Any ideas or recommendations on how others may have talked this problem please let me know.

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    Also had the issue with outsourced teststeps appearing as testcase in the final report, since some version of ReadyAPI. All in all I moved our generalized teststeps into extra test suites using a prefix (disabled test suite and test cases) and in the pipeline I excluded the result files with the prefix "TEST-Libs" like follows:



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      The azure process automatically publishes the results and I don't see a way to filter what files are allowed and what are not.